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Patch v0.5 - Alpha Version

Another part of shaping and polishing Realms of Magic has been closed today.
Even more freedom of agricultural gameplay is coming along with patch v0.5.
With Husbandry feature we can move Realms of Magic from pre-Alpha to Alpha Version.

Since Early Access launch we have expanded Realms of Magic content and mechanics significantly. Even more changes are ahead and we can’t wait to share our plans with you. Positive feedback and your active attitude makes us motivated and proud of our work! As partners of yours we would like to inform that December will be the last month to acquire Realms of Magic in an old, lower price. Base price of Realms of Magic will be increased after end of this year.

With one year anniversary of Realms of Magic in Early Access we are preparing few announcements. Be patient and stay tuned for our news soon.

Back to today's patch, please find list of all changes below.

Patch changelog:


New Profession: Husbandry
  • You can now craft Animal Pens at Workbench
  • You can now make animal feeds at Animal Feed Grinder
  • You can feed passive animals to make them follow you to the Animal Pens

  • In Animal Pens you can feed, shear and butcher animals. They will only breed if fed

  • Among other materials, animals produce fertilizer that can be used to craft a Fertile Soil block, which speeds up plant growth

  • You can no longer pick up rabbits and chickens
  • Animal loot and occurrence were rebalanced accordingly
  • To avoid exploits, passive animals no longer grant XP when killed

Removal of respawn mechanics:
  • We removed respawn system. As of this patch you must load a saved game after you die.
    (Why we did that? Because classic save system works better for the experience we aim for, and having two systems cause unnecessary confusion)
  • This means all the bugs with respawn system are no longer with us
Graphical Options:
  • We added quality settings, to help players on slower machines
  • By default these are set to High
Farming changes:
  • Fertile Dirt as new tile will speed up plant growing
  • Plant growing time rebalanced (due to Fertile Soil adding)
  • Plant appearing frequency rebalanced (rare plants and herbs can be found more often)
Dialogues and Quests:
  • The Dark Master quest is changed to fit with the changes
  • Fixing typos and small changes
  • Additionally, we fixed a metric ton of bugs, and small gameplay issues
Huge THANKS to our testers on Closed Beta, and to our fantastic community on Discord server! ( )

We hope that new features will fit your expectations. Enjoy Realms of Magic and don’t forget to share with us your thoughts and works.

Polished Games Team


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