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Roadmap for 2019

Dear Citizens of the Old Kingdom!

It’s been over a year since Realms of Magic has arrived on Steam in Early Access. Our Team keeps working hard on improving the game and we can’t wait to share with you the details about what’s coming to the Realms in 2019.

We would greatly appreciate if you could read this post to the very end.

Game development is not a straightforward process. As you develop the game it evolves and changes and very often the final product is different than initial vision. We grew as developers over the years and thanks to your feedback and support we learned a lot about the game we want to deliver. That means the final shape of Realms of Magic will be slightly different than what was originally planned. But fear not! It will be even better, we know what we are doing, trust us ;)

But before we get to that, first we want to make a short summary of the most important features and changes implemented in Realms of Magic since Early Access began a year ago.

Summary of 2018

  • Map size increased over 4 times!
    • 31 new handmade locations
    • Over 40 new quests
  • Fire Magic
  • Husbandry profession
  • Trading profession
  • Racial abilities
  • Weather system
  • Holiday events
  • Witch - special vendor with many new tilesets
  • Obtainable mansions
  • New creatures
  • Farm system
  • Save system
  • Farming and Cooking overhaul
  • Improved character creation screen
  • Optimization
  • Dozens of quality of life improvements
    • Signposts
    • Sleeping
    • Bag sorting
    • Quick stack
    • Crafting interface improvements
    • Character statistics tab
    • Hide helmet option
    • and many more...
  • Hundreds of bug fixes
We are proud of what we've managed to achieve last year. The game is now much bigger and entertaining than it was when it initially launched. However, we are not done yet. Here is the plan on how we will make Realms of Magic fully complete.

New Roadmap

We are going to leave Early Access by the end of this year. Providing extensive, yet cohesive experience is our main goal. We believe that we will be able to do just that in a year.

We will release 3 big patches, each focused on different aspect of the game.

Patch v0.6 - Combat Update
  • New Magic Schools
    • Version 0.6 will feature not one, not two, but three new Magic Schools!
  • Combat Overhaul
    • We listened to your constructive feedback about combat feeling slow and clunky. We've addressed the issue and from now on it will be much more dynamic and satisfying.
  • New animations
    • Another heavily requested feature were new character animations. We remade most animations from scratch and now they look much more fluid and realistic.
  • Idle animations
    • Areas with NPCs will feel more alive and natural.
  • Potion Bar
    • You requested, we provide! You will now be able to quickly drink potions in a convenient way.
You can check out work in progress version of combat overhaul, new character animations, idle animations and potion bar on just released Beta version. You can learn how to participate on our Discord server:

Patch v0.7 - Content Update [Beta]
  • Randomly generated caves
    • Exploring sandbox locations will be much more interesting, exciting and rewarding.
  • New unique loot
    • Caves will contain tons of new items only found there.
  • New ores and tiers
    • You will be able to find new materials like Mythril, Adamant and Cobalt and craft new tools, weapons and armor with them.
  • New enemies
    • More for you to slay.

Patch v1.0 - World Overhaul [Full Release]

We started work on World Overhaul over half a year ago. We are changing the map layout, rebuilding every village and dungeon and rewriting every quest. The world as you know it will be no more - it will be replaced with a much better version of it. Because of that version 1.0 will require starting a new character. (You will be able to continue adventure on your old characters on 0.7 version of the game.)
  • Remastered villages, dungeons and quests
    • We remade every location and quest. Locations are looking much better and are more interesting to explore. Quests provide you with more dialogue options and choices.
  • New dungeons and quests
    • More dungeons to crawl and many new quests to complete.
  • Stonebridge - Capital City of the Old Kingdom
    • Huge central city filled with over a hundred new NPCs for you to meet. It will also feature two new music tracks.
  • New Biomes
    • Two new biomes to discover and explore: Mountains and Plagued Lands.
  • Improved map and interface
    • New beautiful map with quality of life improvements.
  • Progressive Boss Fight
    • Each time you defeat him he becomes even stronger, always providing you with a challenge.

What's after version 1.0?

We believe that after implementing all things listed above, Realms of Magic will feel like complete game. We will continue working on the game after leaving Early Access. However, scale of future development on Realms of Magic will depend on how successful the full release will be.

It is always sad and frustrating when you need to cut some features you really wanted to implement. Nevertheless, we want Realms of Magic to be the best game it could possibly be and more does not always mean better. We prefer to improve and polish what we know will work instead of tackling some of the huge features we are uncertain we could provide with quality standards we aim for.

If a feature you were looking forward to is not included on 1.0 roadmap it’s doesn’t necessarily mean that it won’t be implemented at some point in the future. It just means that it won’t be implemented in version 1.0.

That is all we would like to say to you today. We are getting back to work. Cross your fingers for the team and once again we kindly thank you for all of your support!

As always, stay Awesome!

Your Polished Games Team


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