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Climate change! Patch v0.4 has arrived!

Realms of Magic has been updated!
Try new content, features and enjoy dynamic weather conditions.
In the changelog below please find details of what have been changed in current version.

To learn even more about the update read “Patch v0.4 Preview” which can be found in the link: Patch v0.4 Preview


  • Racial abilities
  • New character creation screen
  • New color palettes for characters (Still Work in Progress)
  • Character recustomization window
  • Save system
  • Weather system
  • New ambients
  • The Witch - special vendor with new tilesets
  • Obtainable mansions
  • Crash report system
  • Easter Event was disabled
  • Potions rebalance
  • Weapon damage rebalance
  • Melee stamina cost rebalance
  • Creatures stats rebalance
  • Improved starting location
  • Starting location now has a different icon
  • Improved background
  • Chickens now run away from wolfs
  • Improved blocked door behaviour
  • Tooltips for abilities in spellbook and actionbar
  • Buffs can be canceled by clicking RMB
  • Scarecrow recipe now uses a pumpkin
  • When entering a number of crafts, "Enter" will start the crafting process
  • Inactive Travel button now has a tooltip
  • You now can craft 2x Bone Char from one Bones item and 2x Brown Sugar from one Sugar Beet
  • Several other undocumented changes
  • Fixed "Wardobe" typo in multiple items
  • Fixed Blacksmithing experience gained for crafting Steel Anvil
  • Yet another approach to naked NPCs
  • Dead chickens no longer lay eggs
  • Fixed wolves reputation in Splinterville
  • Correct cursor when hovering over rabbits and chickens
  • Fixed crash when open container / corpse
  • Fixed crash in trading window
  • Gnome in Crossroads Inn now says Goodbye
  • Player can now finish quest for Obos
  • Interactive item usage when rotable item is selected
  • Fixed backpack sorting bug
  • Fixed cursor after leaving game
  • Stats in inventory are now displayed properly
  • Items that stack to 1 don't display number
  • Fixed "days" to "day" typo when sleeping
  • Title screen should now work correctly in lower resolutions
  • Text in crafting window should now display properly
  • Quest in Splinterville now takes wood from the player
  • Quest in Splinterville now takes food and water from player
  • Blacksmith in Splinterville now actually pays the player for the quest
  • Fixed journal entry for Oak Wood quest in Splinterville
  • Fixed Fritz name in journal entry
  • Questions for Callan's murder can now be asked only once
  • Fixed typo in merchants quest
  • Fixed typo in Nightden dialogue
  • Fixed typo in Splinterville - now 'schmuck' is spelled properly
  • Many other bugfixes that were not documented
  • As always, we introduced new bugs that will be fixed in upcoming updates ;)
We are very happy to say that our beta test server was a successful idea which have helped us with delivery of patch v0.4. Our active community is constantly growing on Discord Server.

If you haven't join it yet, please find invite link below:
Realms of Magic official Discord Invite Link[]

We also would like to invite you to become one of our beta testers. Find more info on RoM Official Discord.

For beta testers - Beta server updates frequency will remain the same after patch v0.4 release.

Please let us know what do you think about new Realms of Magic update. Remember that your feedback is really important for us. Even if we didn't answers for all questions and suggestions, it doesn't means that we didn't read and analyze your words. Be active and be a part of Realms of Magic.

Thank you for all your support and kind words!

Have fun and good luck in your adventures, fellows!

Polished Games Team

...btw Realms of Magic will be 10% off till 27th of August. Enjoy! 😉


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