Informing RoM players about all major and minor in-game changes is one of our development priority. All events and significant updates are announced in advance so that each player can prepare for them. The ways that we are using to inform our community are Patch Notes published on the RoM Community Hub on STEAM. You can also receive events info directly through newsletter, just subscribe for it!

Version 0.4.2


We've just released new bugfix version. Here is the changelog:

  • All NPCs now drop heads
  • Bandits of every race can now be encountered
  • Location generator no longer requires OpenCL
  • Rebalanced weather conditions - Old Kingdom should be less rainy
  • Weather is now saved
  • Fixed bug that sometimes prevented players from setting number of Quicksaves and Autosaves higher than 1
  • Fixed bug that caused items wider than 1 block to have incorrect physics
  • Fixed bug that caused Hardwin to talk about Filt when he's still there
  • Fixed bug with zoom in resolutions higher than 1080p
  • Fixed bug that prevented players from getting several items from the Witch
  • Fixed bug that sometimes crashed the game when talking to Edbert
  • Displayed crafting time is now rounded down to two decimal places
  • Baine in Woodbury will now spawn for characters with older saves
  • Pine Crate now has platform physics
Polished Games Team


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