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Sandbox RPG set in Fantasy Universe

Conquer the Realms of Magic. A 2D Action RPG in an epic fantasy setting that gives you a great level of freedom and customization. Prepare for an amazing, single-player experience.

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Great level of freedom

Play how you want

Intricate World

Venture into the vast and diverse world of Realms of Magic.

Visit 7 different provinces and their unique biomes, delve into the cultures of 9 playable races and try not to drown in the deep lore of this classic western fantasy universe.

Be who you want to be​

How about some story? And not the bedtime reading kind? After all, Realms of Magic IS a ROLEPLAYING game as well.

You will also have a chance to experience a grand storyline that will turn the whole kingdom upside down. Moreover, on your journey you might encounter many great quests and unforgettable characters.

Do whatever
you want

The Old Kingdom’s official motto is “unprecedented freedom and progression”. Actually, that’s a lie, they probably don’t even know what “motto” means.

However, you will have over 15 professions to choose from along with deep and extensive crafting systems. All of this will give you a possibility to gather, build and create whatever you want.

Slay your enemies

Nobody said it’s going to be easy, right? The Old Kingdom might be beautiful at times but it’s still a cruel world. That’s why some of its inhabitants will try to dismember you or even eat you!

And yet, you will have at least 8 talent trees (including 4 schools of magic) and a dynamic combat system to fight back! Want to wield an axe in one hand and shoot fireballs with the other? Sure, give them hell!

Open, wide RPG World

+ Open world RPG.
+ Classic western fantasy setting.
+ Extensive single player experience rich with content.
+ Vast world to explore with deep lore to uncover.
+ Freedom of progression.
+ 7 different provinces with unique biomes.
+ Grand storyline that will put the fate of the
Old Kingdom in your hands.
+ Many unique sidequests.
+ Unforgettable side characters for you to love (or hate?).

Character customisation

+ Hundreds upon hundreds of items to collect
(armors, weapons, potions etc.) #fashionrealms

+ 9 playable races.
+ Over 15 professions to choose from.

Craft anything you want

+ Extensive crafting system.
+ Freedom to build and create what you want.
+ Dynamic combat system.
+ 4 schools of powerful magic.
+ 8 talent trees with deadly and mighty abilities.
+ Mix and match melee skills with magic spells.
+ Undead rabbits.
+ Crazy people dressed in barrels.



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