What Realms of Magic really is?

We have created a distinctive, coherent and easy in perception fantasy atmosphere with the use of old school style D2 pixel-art graphics. Besides immersion, our even bigger focus, is a satisfying gameplay. Crafting, professions and character development systems used in RoM are highly based on the best mechanics from our favorites RPGs of all times. This gives our game a familiar classic feel.

RPG above all!

Realms of Magic is above all an extensive cRPG providing a long-lasting adventure. Extended lore, cities with dozens of residents who may need your help, trade with you, hire you, or even follow you blabbering awkward nonsense in one particular case. In between civilized settlements, one may find travelers, dangerous monsters and valuable treasures waiting to be found. Being currently an Early Access stage, Realms of Magic offers great and satisfying entertainment, giving a foretaste of what it will be in its final version. You can expect us to expand and improve with every update.

Why Early Access?

The sale of the game in the form of an early access version simplify our ability to continue working on the game, but above all, allows us to collect direct feedback from players. Implementation of the most interesting community ideas are very important to us, which in turn bears fruit into the better quality and shape of the final game. By buying RoM before the premiere you give us your trust, which confirms that our involvement in this project makes sense.

What for the future?

Of the most important elements that have not yet been added to the game, but have the highest priority for us, we should mention:

  • Main story arc
  • Management system of own city and its residents
  • New professions that allow you to develop your character in additional directions
  • New skill trees and magic trees.
  • New biomes that will diversify the lands in our world

RoM facts that may interest you:

  • Our game works on the stable Unreal graphics engine in version 4 and it is one of the first 2D games created in this structure
  • The gameplay mechanics are built in such a way to feel that "there is nothing for free" in the game and it is only depends on player how the story will go
  • All the secrets, treasure chests and their contents were placed manually
  • We have already prepared more than 10 times models of equipment than is currently available in the game. However, this content waits for the right moment to be implemented
  • The pace of the game is optimized in such a way that the player feels that the game is gradually accelerating and becoming more dynamic during gameplay
  • That way player has a time to get to know the mechanics of the game and the rules prevailing in the kingdom
  • Our game will be completely free of microtransactions and loot boxes. We want to provide players with the distribution that we would like to receive

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