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Patch 0.4 Preview

Irreversible changes are coming to our Realms... No more peaceful and quiet sunny days for all the time! Prepare a warm and waterproof coat cause you'll probably get wet!

“Weather conditions”

Firstly, with Patch v0.4 comes Weather System. Diversity of weather conditions will breathe more life into the Old Kingdom, making it feel more alive and immersive. We also improved looks of grass, leaves and other details. More “living” elements of the world will come within next months.
Here are some examples of weather conditions that will be added to the game in this patch.


Cloudy Day


“Racial Abilities”

Our missing RPG element that you asked for and we promised to implement. All character races in Realms of Magic will acquire their own unique set of bonuses and abilities. You can learn more about it during new game creation process. Unfortunately the “size” of dwarves will stay the same.. for now. Existing characters will gain the bonuses automatically after patch release.

“New character creation screen”

We have cleaned up character creation screen to make it more ergonomic and pleasant in use. Completely new colour palette will also make your characters look and feel better.

No more ugly, splotchy faces! ;)

“Character recustomization system”

Ingame option that will allow you to recreate the look of already created characters. You will be able to change face and skin appearance. Your initially chosen character race, will be unchangeable during later gameplay.

“The Witch”

New special NPC appears in Realms of Magic. Find magical hut of The Witch and help her with a very special task… She will offer you unique furniture and items that can’t be acquired anywhere else.

“Tons of new items”

Huge amount of new blocks, furniture and decoration items of races living in Realms of Magic. To make it a fact - content items are always something that you can expect in main version updates for now and the future.

“Mansions not for sale”

New quests and tasks. Some of quests will reward you in a very special way. Be helpful and don’t lose your chance to get rich and recognized by the Old Kingdom society.

“Crash report system”

You’ll be able to send trouble reports directly to our team after unexpected game crash.

“Save System”

You asked - we delivered. New Save System will let you save your game manually on different save slots. Every slot is connected to each character so there will be no mess if you are playing on few characters at once. Try your ideas without consequences! Quick save (F5) and quick load (F9) will also be available to use.

“Official Discord Server”

Official Realms of Magic Discord server have launched. It’s a cool place to talk and share your opinions for all active members of our community.

Feel free to join by clicking invite link:

...we have also updated our website a while ago. Check it out if you haven't before:

“Beta Test Server”

To make the game development process run faster and smoother we are opening Open Beta Test Server. All players who would like to help with testing new, unpublished content will now have this opportunity. Please find out more information on dedicated channel on RoM Discord.

“Patch Release Dates”

We are aiming at the last week of July. Features in 0.4 still need some polishing, and we hope Open Beta will help us do just that.

“Hotfix 0.3.3”

We have just released very minor hotfix version 0.3.3 which fixed very critical bug:
[BUG] Fixed bug which could delete items from backpack when sorting inventory

Nave a nice day!
Polished Games Team


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