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Patch v0.5.1 Christmas Time!

Winter has come! Enjoy Wonderful Christmas aura in our Realms!
For next two weeks Holiday Event will be active starting from now.
Visit snowy Woodbury and complete Quests for Oswald and Edbert to acquire special event items and Christmas tree.

Patch 0.5.1 is also improving automatic events system. System will automatically turn on Halloween and Christmas events in right dates. More will come soon.
We also have fixed few other things which are listed below:


Christmas Event is now live!
  • All NPCs in the game are wearing Winter Hats
  • You can turn in 5 Winter Hats to Egbert in Woodbury for one of three decorative items
  • You can complete simple quest for Oswald the Innkeeper and he will reward you with Festive Tree
Other changes
  • Christmas Event was added to Automatic Event System
  • Removed beds and respawn hint in tutorial
  • Items that you have resources for are displayed before other items in crafting window
  • Journal now opens on the last page
  • Ability cost in tooltips is now rounded to first number after comma
  • Tilled dirt now changes into grass instead of dirt
  • Animal Pens sounds are now affected by volume settings
  • Fixed skeletons colour - should not be red now
  • Fixed bug that caused heads in character creation window not to display properly
  • Fixed bug that caused colors to be too bright
  • Fixed bug that allowed player to sleep for too long after loading game
Our team is taking time off from work for next 2 weeks. Spending time together with our families will be the way to recharge ours batteries.

New year will bring big changes and great opportunities which we can’t wait to share with you guys. Stay with us and look out for news.
We wish all of you joyful Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Your Polished Games Team


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