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Beta for version 1.0 is coming! Time for a major overhaul!

The sheer amount of brand new additions and changes in this version is simply staggering! It could genuinely be compared to at least several major updates combined.

2019 was a calm before the storm. We’ve released two major updates: 0.6 - The Magic Update and 0.7 - The Caves Update. But the development of Realms of Magic hasn’t slowed down one bit, the pace actually increased as we were simultaneously working on both major updates and the massive 1.0 version.

This update aims to overhaul and improve the majority of the game's systems and content. All these features are interconnected - changing one thing requires modifying multiple others. Each major change required balancing other elements and that’s why we decided to release 1.0 as one massive update.

Without further ado, let’s see what kind of future awaits the Realms of Magic!

World Overhaul

The Map

The old world will die... drowned in the high seas of past updates... and a brand new one shall take its place! Most of the previous locations and quests have been moved and changed along with the multitude of new quests being added. The map itself has also changed.

Travel beyond the horizon and discover 7 provinces that constitute the Old Kingdom. However, you will have to fight for your right to visit them, as they will gradually unlock with your progress. Why should you even care? Every province means unique enemies, creatures, caves and resources.

Remastered locations

This update is not only about introducing the new but also enhancing the old. All locations in the game were drastically improved or even completely remade. All in order for them to look and play better. By the way, no more empty plains! Now when visiting a dungeon you get to it right away, without the need to run an actual marathon through forests to get there! #norunningforme

Remastered quests
We have not only changed how the Old Kingdom looks... but also what tasks you might encounter along your way. All quests are now more intricate, better written and provide you with improved dialogue options.

Stonebridge - Capital of the Old Kingdom
The Old Kingdom is a living, breathing world. However, it's quite hard to show its scale by making you visit smaller villages and settlements (we don't have anything against farmers, though!). But now it’s time to visit Stonebridge - the Capital City of the Old Kingdom. In fact, this place is so big that we had to split it into two different districts, as we couldn’t fit it in just one location (yep, it's that part where we brag a little)!

Main storyline
During your escapades through the seven provinces you will uncover various threats and dangers that loom over the innocent inhabitants of the Old Kingdom. Once uncovered... will you be strong and wise enough to stop them?

Guild questlines
During your journeys you will encounter four different guilds. Each guild has its own agenda with unique rewards for your help. Stonebridge is a serious city for serious people - you will have to side with at least one of the three guilds and prove your worth.

Join the Temple, a religious cult worshipping the Old Gods, the dominant religion in the Old Kingdom.

Fill the ranks of the City Watch, a military organization keeping peace in Stonebridge city and its surroundings.

Align yourself with the Winking Eye, the criminal organization that tries to disguise itself as a trading company.

After you have proven yourself in one of these groups you will be able to join the Sellswords, a highly powerful guild employing renowned mercenaries from all corners of the Old Kingdom. Who knows... they might even play a major role in determining the fate of this realm. ;)

Combat Overhaul

New weapon types

Don't get us wrong, Swords, Axes and Maces (previously available weapon types) are great. They are pretty solid pieces of equipment that are necessary for your survival in the Old Kingdom. However, we also understand that different people have different tastes. Maybe you want to stab someone instead of slashing them? Maybe you want to keep your distance? And just maybe... you want your sword to be human-sized? No judgment here, and that's why Update 1.0 will introduce 5 new weapon types: Daggers, Spears and Heavy Swords, Heavy Axes and Heavy Maces.

Attack patterns

Previously weapon types differed from each other only on the visual level. This new update will introduce attack patterns for every type of arms. Weapons will now have their own, unique attack patterns that will allow you to strategize more and be better prepared for dangers to come.

New abilities

Psst! Hey! Hey, man! You want some melee with that magic? That's right, each magic tree will receive one new ability that is a hybrid between melee/magic skills. These abilities will be using Stamina instead of Mana and will easily improve your mage build with some hybrid capabilities! #nerfthat

Overhauled skill trees
Every skill tree has been majorly overhauled. Our goal was to make each and every talent impactful and fun to explore (who knows, maybe one quest will even require you to win a new edition of the hit show "Old Kingdom Got Talent"?! <- nah, that's a lie... or is it?). Anyway, we removed some of the talents or merged them into one and several new ones were added.


Watch out! NPC's are coming and they are ANGRY! All because we have improved their attack patterns. Each enemy type will behave differently and rely on various arsenal of attacks and skills. For example, orc brute will focus on slow but powerful attacks (they might be easier to dodge... but may the Old Gods help you, if some of those strikes reach you), while a roguish bandit will rather apply some sneaky-cheeky hit and run tactics.

Other minor changes
We’ve also made a multitude of smaller changes that will improve how combat in Realms of Magic feels. These tweaks include: reworking blocking and shield mechanics, reworking stamina costs for ability usage and changing the flow of movement in combat.

Sandbox Overhaul

Provinces and biomes
Current version of the game incorporates only two types of biomes, plains and forests. Update 1.0 will, once again, shake things up a bit. Each of the 7 provinces will have its own landscape filled with unique animals, monsters and resources. Plains and forests will now contain the same types of resources, however, forests will have more of them... but also will be much more dangerous to roam through - a treat for the fans of a classic high risk and high reward design.

Each province will also have its own cave system with another set of unique enemies, resources and treasures. In the current version of the game every location has the same types of caves with 3 different cave tiers. Update 1.0 will eliminate different cavern tiers within the same location, however, each of the 7 cave biomes will significantly differ from each other, both in terms of their visuals and content.

New creatures

Remember when we wrote that NPCs are getting ANGRY with their new attack patterns? Well... don't forget about the monsters because their ranks are getting bigger by the minute! Update 1.0 will introduce over 15 new creatures. Everyone of them will have unique sprites, attack patterns, special abilities, combat parameters and loot.

Expanded professions
Creating new biomes, caves and creatures also means introducing new resources needed for crafting. That's why Blacksmithing, Leatherworking and Tailoring professions will receive the most significant increase in available recipes... just in time for the Old Kingdom's fashion show season!

Gear Overhaul

New tiers

New resources also mean new tiers of armor, weapons and tools. Blacksmithing will receive Adamant, Titanium, Demoncursed and Ebon tiers. Leatherworkers will be able to craft new items from Dark, Thick and Shadow Leather, while Tailors will get Cotton, Khandar and Zariot fabrics.

New armor sets

We also have some great news for all you fashion freaks out there! The total amount of armor sets will increase... significantly. Update 1.0 will provide you with around 130 different obtainable armor sets. Some of them will be crafted, some looted from enemies, others will need to be purchased from merchants, obtained as rewards for completing quests or simply found in randomly generated caves and secret locations. But more importantly - YOU WILL ALWAYS LOOK FLY! #fashionrealms

Unique weapons

For the fans of cutting, slashing and/or crushing - don't worry, we do remember about your destructive needs. Currently all weapons are crafted through Blacksmithing profession, however, Update 1.0 will introduce some brand new unique weapons that will be obtainable in other ways.

Special equipment parameters

Alright, alright, we will admit it - currently the only difference in armor sets is the armor value. But we assure you that the gear will get waaaaaaaay more interesting. Armor sets will receive special parameters that will make every part of your gear unique and special in its own right. Here are some examples of said parameters: increased mana, increased melee damage, increased fire spell damage, increased health of summoned undead etc.

Improved Map Interface

Along with the new map we’ve updated the map interface by vastly improving its behavior and adding several heavily requested features [because we DO appreciate your suggestions :)] such as the ability to add notes and markers on the map.

Secrets and Powerful Enemies

Secrets are cool, right? Uncovering them is even better (even if you have to slain some big monsters along the way)! That's why each location will now include a number of secrets to discover and powerful enemies to slain. Secrets may contain Mysterious Essence, while powerful enemies will drop Powerful Essence. Combination of these powerful items will create the Potion of Knowledge, which will permanently grant you one talent point.

Profession Trainers

Let us tell you - the current job market of the Old Kingdom can be really capital "R" Rough! That's why some NPCs will now offer you training in various professions in exchange for gold. The higher your profession level, the higher the training cost. It will serve as a convenient way to speed up profession leveling while providing a valid gold sink for your precious finances. Come on, invest in your future!

Final Boss
An amazing storyline deserves a suitably big conclusion! That's why Realms of Magic shall culminate in an epic encounter with a truly powerful boss that will provide a major challenge to even the most powerful of characters.

New Tutorial
Once again, time for some honesty. The old Tutorial Dungeon was decent but rather stale and uneventful. We will be replacing it with a completely new tutorial. The goal of this new introduction is explaining basic controls as well as showing the best parts of the game from the get-go.

We’ve taken major steps to significantly improve the balance of the entire game. We’ve created a special tool that will be able to send us (with your permission!) anonymous data that will help us with balancing various elements of the game: combat difficulty, economy, character and profession experience curves, sandbox progression etc.

Minor Features

Location reset system
If you haven’t visited one of the sandbox locations for a while then you will have an option to reset it. Why even bother? This process will make all resources in the game truly infinite.

Improved dialogue window
The dialogue window has been increased and equipped with a bigger font. We’ve also made some changes that will cause dialogues to be more fluid and responsive.

Improved merchants
You will encounter more merchants during your journeys and you will find their stock to be much more varied and useful.

...and more!
There are just too many smaller tweaks and changes to simply list them all here but believe us that they will make Realms of Magic a much more POLISHED GAME.

Final Words

If you can’t wait to try the new version (can't blame you there :P) and want to help us with developing it, we have good news! In just a couple of weeks we will be releasing the first Beta version of Update 1.0! This version will include the first 3 out of 7 provinces and most new features in their WIP state.

Release date
When Update 1.0 is going to be released? The initial plan was to release it this Spring, however, due to the increased scope of the game, we decided to push back the release date to Summer of this year. What can we say... perfection needs time! ;)

If you want to participate in the Beta, you will be able to do so by joining our official Discord server:

We know that this post wasn't the shortest but huge thanks for sticking with us, we hope you are as excited about Update 1.0 as we are!

Your Polished Games Team


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