Informing RoM players about all major and minor in-game changes is one of our development priority. All events and significant updates are announced in advance so that each player can prepare for them. The ways that we are using to inform our community are Patch Notes published on the RoM Community Hub on STEAM. You can also receive events info directly through newsletter, just subscribe for it!


Halloween has come to our Realms!

Participate in Halloween Event and find hidden sweets! Enjoy Trick-or-Treating ritual for a next week during this spooky time.
It’s a great opportunity to visit our familiar Witch once again. She might give you special items to decorate your house in exchange for a small favor.

Halloween Event is part of 0.4.3 update. We are also very happy to announce that patch 0.5 is very near! New update will be focused around new profession - Husbandry, which will allow you to take care and breed farm animals.

Version 0.5 will be released on Beta branch in just a couple of days. If you would like to help us test it, then please join our Beta Team on Discord.

Invite link:

We wish you lots of fun during Halloween! Feel free to share with us screenshots from your adventures!

Your Polished Games Team

...Realms of Magic will be also 10% off during Halloween Sale! ;)


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