Informing RoM players about all major and minor in-game changes is one of our development priority. All events and significant updates are announced in advance so that each player can prepare for them. The ways that we are using to inform our community are Patch Notes published on the RoM Community Hub on STEAM. You can also receive events info directly through newsletter, just subscribe for it!

Version 0.7.1

Unless some critical bugs pop out, version 0.7.1 will be the last version released as stable before 1.0 release. We will be releasing first 1.0 Beta in a couple of weeks, if you want to keep up to date and participate in it, please join our official Discord server.

Discord server link:

  • All Events were added to automatic system based on local date
  • Valentines Event - Lasts from 8th of February to 22th of February (Find Roses and Tulips and gift them to your Valentine)
  • Easter Event - Lasts from 15th of April to 30th of April (Exchange Easter Eggs with Torp in Splinterville for decorations)
  • Halloween Event - Lasts from 18th of October to 1st of November (Exchange Halloween Sweets with the Witch for decorations)
  • Christmas Event - Lasts from 12th of December to 2nd of January (Exchange Winter Hats with Edbert in Woodbury for decorations)
  • During leap years events can start and end one day earlier
  • Changed how weather modifies music volume, music will no longer play too loud
  • Fixed bug that caused game to sometimes load incorrect save
  • Fixed bug that caused summoned skeletons to sometimes not have a weapon
  • Halloween Sweets now stack to 50
  • Updated crash reporter to use the new system


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