Informing RoM players about all major and minor in-game changes is one of our development priority. All events and significant updates are announced in advance so that each player can prepare for them. The ways that we are using to inform our community are Patch Notes published on the RoM Community Hub on STEAM. You can also receive events info directly through newsletter, just subscribe for it!

Closed Beta went LIVE today

To speed up development process of Realms of Magic we have launched our Beta Server today. Unstable Versions is mostly dedicated for active community members who would like to support our team with testing and balancing of new, unpublished content and features.

If you are curious of what new will be implemented in the future in Realms of Magic, please join our Discord Server and become one of beta testers.

Firstly - click in the invitation link below and join our server.
Secondly - find all the information you need in ā€œ#Beta-testingā€ channel on Discord.

Discord channels are also the easiest way to contact developer team with important and urgent issues.

New Beta Versions expanded of new content will be arriving every friday afternoon. Changelogs of Beta Version will be announced only on Discord dedicated channel. (Except of the first one below)

Here is the first changelog of new content that is already implemented on Unstable Version:
  • New character creation screen
  • New color palettes for character creation
  • Racial abilities
  • The Witch
  • New Tilesets form Realms of Magic races
  • New locations with several new quests and obtainable mansions
  • New quest in Woodbury
  • Save system
  • Lots of bug fixes
Future changes will contains:
  • Weather system
  • New Random Encounters
  • Crash report system
  • Finalization of character creation screen and color palettes
What will happen with my old save files?

Saves for Beta Version are located in different folder, you can copy your current character to the beta branch, but do not copy it back to the Stable Version, beta characters may not be compatible with Stable release of v0.4

We really appreciate all your help and we hope that you will have a nice time testing new content and features!

Polished Games Team


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