Informing RoM players about all major and minor in-game changes is one of our development priority. All events and significant updates are announced in advance so that each player can prepare for them. The ways that we are using to inform our community are Patch Notes published on the RoM Community Hub on STEAM. You can also receive events info directly through newsletter, just subscribe for it!


Version 1.0 is undoubtedly the biggest update yet! The amount of changes and brand new additions would easily break the mind and will of any lesser gamer! BUT NOT YOU! We know YOU are ready… and we need YOUR feedback in order to create the best Realms of Magic experience possible.

What are you waiting for? The new and refurbished Old Kingdom ain’t gonna save itself!

Visit our discord to find out how to join the newest Beta:

DISCLAIMER 1: In order to join this Beta you need to have a full version of the game in your Steam library.

DISCLAIMER 2: Keep in mind that not all features, content and changes planned for the full release of Update 1.0 are present in the current Beta version. However, they will be gradually introduced to this version of the game.


1. Features

New world
  • Old world was replaced with new one
  • Game world is split into 7 provinces
  • Currently only the first three provinces are available
  • All handmade locations and quests are either brand new or completely overhauled

New map
  • Old map was replaced with new and better looking one
  • You can now mark locations with special icons
  • You can now write notes on map
  • Improved map interface behaviour

Combat Overhaul
  • Every weapon type has its own attack pattern
  • New weapon types: Daggers and Spears
  • Moving backwards is slower in combat mode
  • Blocking with shields has been reworked
  • All talent trees have been reworked (Still Very Much a Work in Progress)

New hybrid magic-melee abilities
  • Each magic tree received new hybrid ability
New NPC Combat AI
  • New combat behaviours for NPCs
  • Different NPC types now behave differently

Secrets and powerful enemies
  • Secrets in handmade locations contain Mysterious Dust
  • Powerful enemies in handmade locations drop Powerful Essences
  • You can combine both to craft Potion of Knowledge, which grants one Talent Point
  • You can see on the map how many secrets/powerful enemies you have discovered/slain and how many are remaining
Profession trainers
  • Some NPCs can now train you in professions for gold

Special equipment parameters
  • Now most equipment items provide special bonuses

Improved dialogue window
  • Dialogue window is now bigger, uses bigger font and has improved behavior

Location reset system
  • If you haven’t visited a sandbox location for a while then you will be able to reset it

2. Changes

Removed tutorial dungeon
  • It will be replaced with new tutorial in the future

Removed Guidebook
  • New tutorial and introductory profession quests will make Guidebook obsolete

Sprinting with Shift
  • You can now sprint using Shift as well as double tapping direction keys

Changed NPC armor and weapon drops
  • NPCs no longer drop all equipment they are wearing
  • This change was made to declutter player inventory and improve balance of gear acquisition

Other changes
  • NPCs now also drop gold and non-equippable items
  • Rebalanced statistics and values for majority of equipable items
  • Removed close button from dialogue window
  • Improved merchants tradelists
  • Empty containers on handmade locations are now non interactable
  • Player can no longer cut trees on handmade locations
  • Healing with potions now displays healed numbers similar to how damage is displayed
  • Improved compare items window size
  • Interface buttons are highlighted when hovered with mouse cursor
  • Removed hoe tiers, now there is only one hoe item
  • Eating and drinking sounds are now played even when their animation is not played
  • Removed mana and stamina requirements for NPCs and creatures
  • Player will no longer try to pick up items he/she can’t hold in his/her inventory
  • Pine trees now grow into full size skipping medium forms
  • Animals now can travel to other locations from any distance
  • Improved equipment item comparison frame
  • Improved block destruction particles
  • Most GUI buttons are now highlighted when hovered
  • Armor type is now displayed in tooltip
  • Unified racial reputations
  • Balanced book and notes values
  • Improved tier 1 potions
  • Decreased rain frequency
  • Crafting stations can now be closed with interact button (‘E’ by default)
  • Looting to toolbar option was removed
  • Completely rebalanced weapon damage

  • Fixed bug that caused save window to not close when pressing ESC key
  • Fixed bug that allowed player to travel in combat
  • Fixed bug that caused the game to crash when trying to load an empty save
  • Fixed bug that caused quick and autosaves to overwrite rename quick and autosaves
  • Fixed multiple items having wrong sprites
  • Fixed bug that sometimes caused slopes to not create correctly
  • Fixed bug that caused blood to be placed on ground instead of background
  • Fixed bug that caused Orc racial to decrease attack speed instead of increasing it
  • Fixed bug that caused lighting system to blink when loading first save after creating character
  • Fixed bug that allowed player to rotate when the game is paused
  • Fixed bug that caused new talent notification to go away when using Talents window keybind
  • Fixed bug that caused character portraits to not display properly in dialogue window
  • Fixed bug that caused quest completed message to be repeated when traveling
  • Fixed bug that caused save name to not clear when clicking on it
  • Fixed bug that sometimes caused the last page in journal to be empty
  • Fixed bug that caused other windows to not close with ESC after closing trading window


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