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Beta Update - Stonebridge

Citizens of the Old Kingdom! We understand that the king’s regulation about quarantine ruined holiday plans for many of you, however, it’s for your own good! Health is truly important and precious. And yet, if some of you would still like to make an official complaint - the gates of our magnificent capital city of Stonebridge will reopen soon! So join our newest beta and embark on another great adventure!

New locations

Stonebridge, with its vast size and walls filled to the brim with various characters, truly deserves the title of a capital city! In fact, it’s so big that it had to be divided into two separate districts! This beautifully designed location is “the place to be”, the heart and soul of the Old Kingdom. Visit it today and check out all of its beautifully designed houses, castles and cathedrals!

New armor sets

Stonebridge is a brand new province that comes with some unique gear! Continue the eternal tradition of #fashionrealms and check some fresh armor sets (over 20 of them!!! <big horn sound>) such as - Thief, Assassin, Horned, Warlock or Improved Leather. We especially recommend the Assassin set in these trying times of quarantine as it seems to be the only set that properly protects the wearer’s face!

New map

Do not make that eye doctor appointment - your eyes are NOT deceiving you! Just look at all that life and diversity that our new map presents! <applause> That's right, each and every province will now have its very own, distinctive look on the map and some of its elements are now be animated!

Join a guild!
We’ve always been saying that the Old Kingdom is a living, breathing world. It’s not only filled with colorful characters and interesting storylines - it’s also a home of various bands of people with their own agendas and purposes that you can join!

The Temple is a religious cult worshipping the Old Gods (the dominant religion of the Old Kingdom). A perfect place for those of you who might be interested in weird rituals, hooded figures and omnipotent beings.

The City Watch is the perfect place for all those battle-hardened knights and paladins of yours! It’s a military organization focused on keeping peace in Stonebridge and its surrounding areas (watch out - they always have permission to use force!).

Last but not least - the Winking Eye, a criminal organization gathering various thiefs, thugs and bandits! If you like to #getrichquickly or simply want to backstab someone - you might be a good fit.

New quests
Join ranks with the City Watch and try to restore law and order in times of crisis and despair. Ally yourself with the Temple and bring hope to those in need. Work for the Winking Eye and find yourself in the twilight zone of the so-called business entrepreneur. But most of all, find out what happened to the rulers of this land!

New music tracks
Yes, you read that right, we have finally listened to some of our audiophile fans and added 2 previously unreleased tracks to the game. You hear that? That’s the sound of victory! Come on, give it a listen here:

Changelog 0.9


Stonebridge Province
  • Stonebridge City
  • Three joinable guilds
  • New armor sets
  • New locations to explore
Improved map
  • Each province now has own distinctive look
  • Some elements of the map are now animated
New province backgrounds
  • All provinces now have unique backgrounds
Trading changes
  • Merchants now restock their inventories every 2 ingame days
  • Merchants will not remove items sold by player when restocking
  • Quest items can no longer be sold to merchants
Improved torch
  • Using torch no longer prevents player from using the second hand in combat

  • Rebalanced special armor stats
  • Rebalanced combat difficulty
  • Rebalanced loot found in protected locations
  • Hunger and thirst debuffs were reduced significantly - now they are only a very minor inconvenience when character is hungry/thirsty
  • Sleeping debuff was removed from the game
  • Drinking Potion of Knowledge now triggers level up effects
  • Talent granted by Potion of Knowledge now appropriately triggers talent GUI highlight
  • Increased jump height slightly to allow consistently jumping to 6 block high places
  • Journal now opens on active quest tab by default
  • Removed slowdown when moving backwards in combat
  • All decoration corpses are now non-interactive
  • Improved action bar - switching skills should no longer cause crashes
  • Improved NPC patterns that are using roll ability
  • Improved Troglodyte behaviour in narrow spaces
  • Removed knockback effect that caused problems with several creatures
  • Touch of Grave debuff now has a stack limit of 3
  • Player can no longer use hoe in protected locations
  • Notes now have unique icons
  • Changed Mysterious Essence icon to be more different from other icons

  • Fixed bug that caused the game to sometimes load an incorrect save
  • Fixed bug that caused event items to spawn when events were inactive
  • Fixed dozens of language problems
  • Fixed bug that prevented some players from completing Callan’s Death quest
  • Necromancy talents are now level gated same as other skill trees
  • Fixed bug that caused Fire Spin to not behave properly
  • Fire Spin and Ice Undercut can no longer be used without a weapon
  • Fixed bug that caused last page in journal to not display properly
  • Quest pop-ups no longer repeat when traveling or loading the game

Want to help us with testing this update?

It's very simple! Just check out our Discord for details, look in the #beta-info section!



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