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Version 0.3.2 - Easter Event


We've just released version 0.3.2 which contains Easter Event and dozens of changes and bugfixes.

Here is the changelog:

  • Easter Event
    • Hunt Easter Eggs hidden throughout the world and exchange them for decorative items to Torb in Splinterville
    • Talk to Toggath the Dark Master hidden in a cave in Splinterville to complete a quest
    • Rabbits and Chickens can now be picked up as items
    • Chickens now lay eggs

  • Disabled Valentine Event
  • Experience gain in Trading profession was drastically increased (2x for buying and 5x for selling)
  • Hunger and Thrist drop 75% slower while sleeping
  • Player can now jump even when below 5 stamina
  • NPCs will no longer talk to the player through pop-ups when not in line of sight
  • Changed Deep Fry behaviour so that number of stacks corresponds to percentage of increased damage taken
  • Changed NPC clothing in Baneland
  • Skeleton boss in Woodbury dungeon was slightly nerfed
  • Villagers in Crossroads Inn and Splinterville now have weapons
  • Plants in Splinterville and Covert Grove have been changed to be the same as in forests
  • Torches in gnomes' hideout are now lit

  • Fixed bug that caused FPS drop and crashes when crafting huge amounts of items
  • Fixed bug that sometimes caused crashes when opening containers or corpses, and when presing remove or take all buttons
  • Fixed bug that sometimes caused items in locked slots to be moved
  • Fixed food and drink duplication bug
  • Fixed bug that allowed getting ores by rotating blocks
  • Title screen now works properly in low resolutions
  • Unequipping torch will exit torch carrying state
  • Fixed secret in Graysquare
  • Fixed levitating tree in Splinterville
  • Fixed bug that caused random sound playing in Covert Grove
  • Fixed duplicate corpse names in Woodbury
  • Fixed text in window after pressing Exit button in main menu
  • Fixed wrong characters in several books
  • Fixed bug that caused Roll not to work when Burning Rush was selected
  • Fixed bug that caused some of the Giant Rats to be named Rats
  • Fixed bug that caused tools to display incorrectly when switching to combat mode while digging
  • Fixed bug that allowed closing sleeping window with ESC when sleeping
  • Removed incorrect items from merchants lootlist
  • Fixed bug that sometimes caused random NPCs to spawn naked
  • Fixed typos in Katherine dialogue

We wish you a very happy Easter holidays!
Polished Games Team


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